Thursday, March 24, 2011

My first guest designer!

I would like to welcome my first guest designer on my blog.  She is VERY dear to my heart like my own daughter.  Her name is Hannah.  She is 12 years old, and she is my niece! She makes great cards and scrapbooks also. My daughter is not into paper crafts but amazingly talented in other things. Hannah lives about five hours away.  She sent me this card for my birthday.  Shout out to Hannah!! Thanks for visiting me! :)


  1. What a great job she did!! I found you through Momo's site.


  2. Happy Belated Birthday. Apple doens't fall far from the family tree. I just told my Sister in law they just fall from a different branch yesterday. LOL Lovely card. New follower- found you from Momo's site.

  3. Well done Hannah! This rocks!

    I am a new follower and sent from Momo :-)

    Would be great if you could pop by my blog too :-)